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Demo Reel / Edit Only

Are you an actor without a reel? Social Media Influencer without a reel?

  • 15 minutes
  • Free Consultation
  • Pascagoula Street

Service Description

Are you an actor without a demo reel that has footage already? Social Media Influencer without a quality reel that has material filmed? How about a Real-Estate Agent that wants to stand out but has the material already? This is for you! Let's break down how important a demo reel truly is! Demo reels allow agents, casting directors, and producers to get a sense of someone's acting abilities and on-screen presence. As such, an actor's demo reel is often what decides whether they're asked in for an audition or cast for the part. Most of the time THE FIRST THING SEEN via any booking agency or casting companies are DEMO REELS! Editing a demo reel on your phone just will not cut it in this industry! Most agents need to see some sort of footage showing your acting ability, and having a decent reel can make it significantly easier to get signed. You heard that right! Some agents only need short clips of you performing, but in an ideal world, those clips should look very professional. They don't have to be long but professional industry standard quality is a MUST! The industry is so fierce with aspiring artist, standing out by having a top-notch demo will put you several steps ahead in this industry! Demo reels should only be certain lengths, have high quality imagery that projects lighting onto the person the reel should encompass, the sound should be of the best value, along with the grade! You never want a blurry reel! This is why our company is several steps ahead with having the best knowledge of what is looked at for this. We have several classes under our belts with studies, feedback from agencies to the best software to make your reel come together beautifully! Another thing a demo reel isn't used only for actors but also business models, social media influencers, real-estate agents, along with numerous fields! If you already have video footage, even from all over the world, we will be able to grab your highest points and edit it fluidly into a detailed-to the point demo reel that will gather attention where needed. Your footage will be sent to us via we-transfer, video drop or another source to download and edit footage already recorded! (*Note- we do offer a building your reel service, this is only IF you already have footage*) Book Now! Consultation is Free. We will consult with each individual to be sure the area you are wanting to portray.

Cancellation Policy

Canceling is allowed but your deposit of $35 is non-refundable.

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