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We Bring Your Creative Vision to Life.

Experience the magic of Bickham Entertainment! We offer services that will bring your vision to life! Also, Bickham Entertainment is a proud owner of Gulf Coast Sports Media along with Fearflix on the Roku Channel.
Production Work, On set work

At Bickham Entertainment, we are a team of passionate storytellers committed to bringing your creative vision to life. With our expertise in movie production and screenplay writing, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your story is told the way you want it. Our editing capabilities ensure your final product is polished to perfection. We offer commercial production, live streaming and in studio sessions to be sure we are giving our clients the best experience. 


We begin every project with a comprehensive pre-production process. This includes brainstorming and conceptualizing your ideas, developing a storyboard, and planning out every detail to ensure a smooth production process.

What We Do


Our experienced team handles every aspect of production, from casting and location scouting to filming and sound design. We work with the latest equipment and technology to ensure your project is of the highest quality.


Our post-production services include editing, visual effects, and color correction. We work tirelessly to ensure your final product is polished and ready for distribution.

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